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As many of you may already know, we are not just your average bearded dragon breeders. We do this for a lot of reasons but most are non-conventional. The main reason is for the enrichment of bearded dragon care and to help better educate first time dragon owners so that they have a good experience. Think of it as a preventative measure, but our philosophy to spend extra time in the beginning maximizes your success up front and minimizes problems in the long run.

We start out by investing in our dragons health by allowing them to grow a little more before making them available. This may cost us more, but by doing so we are assured the dragons will continue to eat and grow in their new homes. We also like to take the time to know our customers and go over your lighting setups and temps. By knowing our dragons new homes are the best possible, we can guarantee their health while having our own peace of mind.

Rio Reptiles and Yellow Room Reptiles is proud to announce our all new 5 Star Healthy Dragon Program!

We will be offering a full, unheard of, 6 month health guarantee for any bearded dragon purchased
for customers who agree to the requirements and who actively participate in our program.

What's the catch? There really is no catch, you won't have to do anything special or buy anything out of the ordinary.
The requirements are simple in regards to lighting, feeding, and caring for your new dragon. Of course there are limits and conditions to the guarantee, but it is basically what we would do for any of our customers who we know take the best care of their dragons and communicate with us on a regular basis. Most problems can be avoided by taking a proactive approach to dragon care, so we don't mind working closely with our customers as a key to prevention. For more details...




Bearded dragons are not just your average pet!

Those who know will tell you that there is no other animal for a pet that compares to a bearded dragon. Getting a dragon will truly change your life and give you countless days of fun experiences, regardless of your age or stature. If you are new to dragons, you may not realize how personable bearded dragons are by nature, they love to interact with humans. Dragons enjoy as much attention as our furry friends and are just as fun and just as friendly.

Pet bearded dragons are excellent for kids but their care should always be supervised closely by parents. They are therapeutic and hypo-allergenic pets for those who have different needs for an alternative pet. Dragons make wonderful classroom pets or fantastic family additions to any home but as with any animal, please do your research ahead of time. Enjoy our site and welcome your emails if any questions arise.



If you are no longer able to care for your bearded dragon, we will be happy to find it a caring home.
No questions asked, healthy or not, free pickup & delivery.





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