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Purchase Agreement


Owning and caring for a bearded dragon or any animal is a huge responsibility. You are going to be responsible for providing this animal with everything it needs in order for it to thrive in captivity. Since the animal is under your control, you must promise to learn how to care for it properly, provide it with nourishment and give it a quality environment in order for it to stay healthy and happy. At any cost, the needs of this animal must be met and you agree to care for it.

Parents, do not expect any child under the age of 18 to be fully responsible for a bearded dragon. If you are purchasing a bearded dragon for your child as a pet, please be sure that the animals needs are being met at all times. This includes everything from feeding, lighting, temps and cleaning up the poo. Dragons are not low maintenance animals, they must be tended to every day.


By purchasing an animal from Rio Reptiles you agree to the following...

To read all of the care information provided on this site so that you know how to take care of your new dragon and understand the reasons why it is so important to do so properly. Please use the information seriously to provide the best environment and conditions possible for your new pet.

Make sure that all of the dragons needs are met at all times. If a dragon is neglected it may become sick malnourished and stressed, which can be fatal. If you do not meet the needs of your dragon and are neglectful, the outcome could be the worst. By meeting your dragons needs and giving it proper attention when required, it will live a very long, enlightening life.

If you have a problem, please contact us as soon as possible. We are here to help in any situation and value the life of that animal as if it were our own. If your dragon stops eating or becomes lethargic and you do not contact us until it dies, or a week after it hasn't been eating, this is considered being neglectful. We cannot help you if you don't let us know.

Please let us know if you would like to be considered for our 6 month health guarantee program!


  For kids and every first time dragon owner... please commit to do the following...  
  to do research and learn as much as possible about bearded dragons so that I understand what it needs to survive physically and what it needs to enjoy a good life with me.  
  to feed it every day with the right kinds of foods so that it has the best chance possible to live a long life and grow to its fullest size.  
  to learn about Calcium to Phosphorus ratio, vitamin A, oxalates and what can bind calcium.  
  to use the correct supplements so that it's bones stay strong and it gets balanced nutrition.  
  to learn about the relationship between uv light, vitamin D and calcium in the body.  
  to use the correct bulbs that supply proper uv light and heat so that my dragon will be able to use the calcium in its body and digest the food it eats.  
  to check my dragons temperatures every day so that I know it gets warm enough to digest and cool enough to relax and be a lazy lizard.  
  to offer water and give your dragon frequent baths so that it stays hydrated and learn that water is vital to all life functions.  
  to clean up the dragons poo as soon as possible so that it doesn't spread bacteria and parasites.  
  to give the dragon a nice sized enclosure so that it has plenty of space to move around.  
  not to use anything that is potentially dangerous in or around the dragons cage.  
  to handle the dragon several times per day so that it can get out of the cage and be friendly to people.  
  to turn off the dragons lights for at least 10 hours every night so that it can sleep in complete darkness to rejuvinate.  
  to leave the dragon alone when it sheds so it can be uncomfortable and grouchy by itself.  
  to be sad when the dragon brumates in the winter because I will miss spending time with it.  
  to take the dragon to the vet and have a fecal done every year and learn about how different parasites can affect the health of my dragon.  
  to contact Rio Reptiles if ever the dragon needs a new home for any reason so that you do not find yourself in a bind financially or situation due to overwhelming responsibility.  


Knowledge is power but understanding is knowing why...





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