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Bearded Dragon Anatomy


This is a female bearded dragons coelemic cavity with internal organs in place exactly how you would see it upon removing the outer layer of skin. The rib cage has been separated and pulled out of the way along with the pelvic bones and muscles.
Bearded Dragon Anatomy
The Upper coelemic cavity contains the internal organs. 1) Heart 2) Lung 3) Intestines 4) Gall Bladder 5) Liver 6) Colon * The stomach is between the lungs under the liver
The Lower coelemic cavity contains the urinary and genital systems. 1) Kidney 2) Seminal Receptacles 3) Oviduct with follicles 4) Colon
This is a male bearded dragon that died from pneumonia although he showed very little symptoms of respiratory distress. 1) Lungs 3x the normal size filled with mucous 2) Liver 3) Left Testicle
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