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Caring for Crickets

Caring for crickets is a simple task that requires daily maintenance in order to succeed. Once you have owned a dragon for a while, it is much easier to buy crickets in bulk so that you don't have to go to the pet store every other day. If you purchase 500 or 1000, you must take care of them properly or it will be a huge waste and a huge, nasty mess to deal with.

Here are some pointers...

First you need a container to keep them in like a 5 or 10 gallon aquarium or a clear, high sided plastic bin. I find something in the 50 to 65 quart range works best. For the lid, you ca either put a lot of holes in the plastic or cut out an area and use screen to cover it. If you buy crickets in bulk, they will be sent with egg flats to make hiding places or can be purchased from insect suppliers. Just remember to use nothing on the bottom, no substrate is needed.

They must be kept in a moderate to warm and dry climate. Just remember, not too hot and not humid. Good air circulation is the key to keeping them alive along with a clean and dry environment with plenty of places to hide, food and water.

Feed them a dry diet of either store bought cricket food or homemade cricket/roach chow made from an assortment of high grade dog food, cat food, chicken laying mash, rabbit food and other goodies such as powdered milk or bee pollen. Remember, half your dragons nutrients come from the last meal your crickets ate, so be sure they get a wholesome diet. If you make your own, blend it up into a powder with the blender and use a small lid for a serving dish. Fresh veggies can be fed but be sure to remove any old uneaten food before it can rot or get moldy.

It is very important that crickets have a source of water or they won't last very long at all. Cricket quencher can be purchased from pet supply stores or water crystals can be obtained online from insect suppliers. Either way, water crystals are the easiest and cleanest way to keep your crickets hydrated while preventing drowning. Make up dry water crystals in advance and use a very shallow dish or small lid so that they can get to it.

Clean the bin or tank daily to avoid odors. Crickets are constantly eating, shedding, pooping and dying. Use an old paint brush or small broom to sweep up spilled food, sheddings and flass, then scoop it out to keep sanitary.

Be very careful with what you use to clean the bin or tank. Crickets are very sensitive to insecticides, disinfectants and other chemicals. Any residue left behind can be fatal to your feeders, especially Nolvasan. Whenever you must sanitize the cricket cage, be sure to rinse with vinegar and hot water to be sure nothing harsh is left behind.

Its pretty simple and can be figured out in no time with a little trial and error.







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