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Raising a Dubia Colony

Dubia Identification
Female - note the size of the last segment

Male - very small last segment

Housing a Colony

Using clear packing tape, go around the inside edge of the bin. This will prevent the small baby dubia from climbing to the top. Vaseline will get dirty and dry out which defeats the purpose.


Be sure to keep the colony stays at a temperature above 90º at all times. If needed, a small under tank heater can be placed beneath the egg crate area to promote breeding.


I stack the egg crates vertically so that they don't fill up with waste and are easy to access. Place a cut piece across the top to provide new mothers a place to nurture their babies away from the general population.

Provide a large food and water bowl, at least 4 to 5 inches in diameter and 1/2" to 3/4" deep. Be sure to supply plenty of food and keep the water bowl full of water gel crystals at all times.

Be sure to feed them a fortified diet so that your dragon also gets the proper nutrition. You can make your own chow or purchase a readily made chow.


Be sure that the bin has good air supply and ventilation. Too much will make humidity levels difficult to control, too little will cause condensation inside which could grow mold.


Never stack your bins! Dubia are very sensitive and will not survive if their air supply is cut off for even a short time.


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