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First Aid Supplies for Bearded Dragons

  If your bearded dragon ever gets sick you will want to be prepared. Sometimes their health can decline so rapidly, you don't have the timet to be ordering supplies on the internet and waiting for them to be shipped. Some of the stuff can probably be found at local pet stores but it will cost much more and you'll be lucky to find everything you need. The best thing to do is to buy one or two items at a time until you have everything you could possibly need if something were to go wrong. This is the list of items I keep in case of an emergency.  
Foods Supplies Medical
Syringes 1cc, 3cc, & 5cc
Liquid Calcium
Critical Care
Antibiotic Ointment
Squash Baby Food
Heat Packs
Chicken Baby Food
1oz Squirt Bottles
Tea Tree Oil
Powder Pedialyte
Microscope & Slides
Eye Wash
Fecal Float Kits
Eye Ointment
Fecal Solution
Cherry Concentrate

These are some additional supplies you may not need to have on hand but
are good to know about if the need arises.

  Thermazene 1% Silver Sulfadiazine cream used to treat bacterial or fungal infections that occur in burns that reptiles get from heat rocks or basking lamps.
  Serrapeptase This is a dried silkworm enzyme that is used to help relieve inflammation around joints from injuries or arthritis, get liquid at





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