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Bearded Dragon Shopping List

If you need an idea of what to get to care for your bearded dragon properly, most of these items will be
necessary from day one and should be purchased ahead of time.

  Enclosure - 65qt Bin or 20gal Aquarium for Babies to 3 months  
  Minimum Size 18" x 36" or Optimum Size 24" x 48" x 16" or 18" for Adults  
  UVB Bulb - (Reptisun 10 Tube Fluorescent or Approved Mercury Vapor) NO COILS or COMPACT  
  Separate Basking Spot Bulb for Heat if using Fluorescent UVB (Household Spot)  
  Fluorescent Light Fixture and/or Dome(s) with Reflector  
  Ceramic Heat Emitter or Under Tank Heater for Winter Months  
  Probe Thermometer or Temp Gun for Basking Surface Area  
  Climbing Branch, Basking Rock, or Platform  
  Substrate Such as Tile, Non Adhesive Shelf Liner, Newspaper, Towels or Play Sand*
(*dragons over 4 months only )
  Hide Hut, Cave, or Blanket  
  Food Dish for Greens  
  Calcium Carbonate Powder Supplement (with D3 for Fluorescent without for MVB)  
  Multi Vitamin Supplement, Liquid or Herptivite Powder  
  Water Dropper or Small Squirt Bottle  
  Feeding Tongs or Large Tweezers  
  Cricket Keeper or Small Bin  
  Cricket Food & Water Crystals  
  Spare Small Bin for Baths  
  Collard Greens, Turnip Greens, Mustard Greens, Butternut Squash & other Veggies  
  Nature Zone Bearded Dragon Bites  
  Plain Pedialyte for Dehydration  
  Baby Wipes, Antibacterial Wipes, Disinfectant  
  Small Syringes for Dosing & Hand Feeding  
  Heat Packs for Power Outages  
  Leash or Small Animal Carrier for Travel  




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