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Roach Chow Recipe

So you you're thinking about or have already decided to start a roach colony and not have to deal with stinky, noisy, dirty crickets. At first you may not need much but when your colony grows and begins to thrive, they can go through huge amounts of food. Since your dragons will depend on the roaches for nourishment, you want to feed them the best foods possible.

I always start with a holistic, all natural, high protein, low carb dog food. Now I am using Evo chicken. It contains a lot of good stuff you don't normally find in dog food including several strains of probiotics. This will make up 40 to 60 percent of the chow. I also mix in some Evo cat food on occasion because it is 52% protein.

Layena hen laying mash, I get it at the local feed store in bulk and it is higher in calcium than normal chicken feed. This makes up about 20 to 25 %

Alfalfa pellets type guinea pig or rabbit food, I try to find one with the highest protein and lowest vitamin A, it is also enriched with other vitamins and contains acidophilus for good intestinal flora. Makes up 15 to 20%

Texturized vegetable protein (TSP), from the local health food store in bulk, adds protein and calcium.

Banana Nut Cheerios, Grape Nuts or Special K, the cheerios make the chow smell good and roaches love bananas and sweet stuff. About a cup per batch.

Dried, powdered milk, one envelope per batch.

Pea Protein, 1 scoop per batch.

Vitamin D capsule, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C, Echinacea, Herptivite, Acidophilus Powder, Alfalfa tablets or powder, Bee Pollen

Sometimes I get whole dried sesame seeds, High in Protein & Calcium

I mix it all up in the blender to make a powder, using a little of everything in each cycle. It takes about six to eight blenders full to make a batch and is fairly time consuming because you can only blend a little over a cup each time. Each batch is about a gallon.

Each roach colony eats about 1 cup of chow per day and I also feed the crickets and super worms with it so it lasts a week or so.

Feel free to experiment!







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