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Classroom Presentations -
Are you a teacher or eductional instructor and looking for a great way to educate and entertain your students at the same time? We will come to your facility with informative literature to hand out, bring several species of reptiles, including bearded dragons, tortoises & ball pythons, and speak with your class on good husbandry.
Petstore Expos -
Invite customers to your business and we'll help educate them and your staff about bearded dragons as pets and how to care for them properly. We will bring several different color morphs of dragons for show, make your business personalized care sheets and talk to customers. We can even bring out fecal test equipment and help you choose the correct supplies for customers to buy.

Fecal Testing -
Send us your poo! If you haven't had your dragon fecal tested for parasites and would like to know for sure, we can check for the most common parasites and let you know if a vet visit is needed. Keep in mind we are not professionals and we are limited to specific tests and can only identfy the parasites most commonly found in bearded dragons. A vet visit will be necessary to confirm results and obtain medication.

Boarding -
Need someone to watch your dragon while you're gone? We offer room and board on adult dragons if you supply the enclosure. Younger dragons can be kept in bins unless you prefer to provide it's normal home.

Display Materials -
If you are a reptile breeder or need display materials for shows, we can make signs, banners, stickers, posters, magnetics, license plates, flags, even vehicle wraps for your business or hobby needs. We also do graphic design for cards, brochures, flyers, or pdfs for download from your website.

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