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How to Breed & Raise Superworms

I get emails almost weekly asking if it's possible to breed your own crickets and the answer is definitely yes.
All you need are some basic supplies, a little bit of space, and some dedication to the project.

2 or 3 Medium Size Plastic Bins or a 3 Drawer Storage Unit
Condiment/Portion Cups or Tackle Box/Storage Container
Wheat Bran
Layena by Purina
Egg Crates
Water Dish
Time, Dedication, & Patience

Zophobas (Superworm) Beetles may only lay 1 egg per day, so figure you will need at least 200 breeders in order to produce 2000 to 3000 superworms in one month. Superworms take at least 4 months to grow to large size, so you will need to have a lot of time and patience to get this project rolling.

Start out by getting at least 200 of the biggest superworms you can find, you will want them to be healthy and weigh around .7 to .9 grams. Separate each one into a small portion cup or place in each compartment of a tackle box or other storage container. They need to all be separated from the group and stressed out in order to start the morphing transformation. Place them in a warm room at around 80ºF to 90ºF and give them about a week, they will curl up into a "C" shape just before they start to morph. They may stay curled up for a about a week before they begin to transform into the alien. Once they are aliens, dump them all into a bowl until their legs begin to turn a dark purple color, this should take another week or two. When the legs start to turn dark, that's when you know the beetle will begin to emerge within 24 hours. Place the white beetles in another bowl or container with a little bit of wheat bran on the bottom and a small dish of well drained water crystals. Leave them here for 1 to 3 days until they turn very dark in color and their shells begin to harden. If you place them in with existing beetles too soon, the others may kill and eat them.

Fill one of your medium bins or drawers with about 1" deep of wheat bran mixed with about one quarter layena. Use a piece of egg crate as a house or place for them to climb along with a super shallow dish or lid full of water crystals. Place all your beetles in the bin or drawer and feed a small amount of fresh veggies daily. After about a month, you will see some movement in the wheat bran, these are little tiny superworms. After about 2 months, they become very aparent and will be around an inch long, this is when I move the beetles to a new laying bin and raise the worms separately or start to feed off. At about 3 months you will have medium, and at 4 months they will be large.

Remember, supers don't need a lot of substrate, just enough to get the job done. It's best to keep them in shallow instead of deep. Feed them lots of fresh greens, vegetables, fruits and chows to gutload and enrich their nutritional value.




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